Serious Chess Players
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Plays at
American Legion Post 379
1245 N. Industrial Blvd
Bedford, TX  76021


Serious Chess Players
♙ ♖ ♕ ♔ ♗ ♘

Plays at
American Legion Post 379
1245 N. Industrial Blvd
Bedford, TX  76021

Annual invitational team match between
the most Serious Chess Players
in North Central Texas

2016 Tarrant Chess Team photo and graphics by Jim Hollingsworth

Front Row (seated left to right):  Tom Crane, Ben Davis, Russ Heise, George Jempty.  Back Row (standing left to right):  Zachary Graber, Bob Curtis, Adam Hart, Helen Jamison, Danny Dunn.











1.0 G Jempty 1734 1 1739 D West 1.0
1.0 D Dunn 1700 2 1639 J Martinez 1.0
1.0 R Heise 1670 3 1624 J McKethan 1.0
1.5 Z Graber 1663 4 1522 D Guel 0.5
0.0 T Crane 1581 5 1519 J Lund 2.0
1.0 B Curtis 1445 6 1411 J De Vries 1.0
1.5 B Davis 1248 7 1410 U Arias 0.5
1.0 A Hart 1291 8 1342 B Foster 1.0
2.0 H Jamison 1130 9 0981 D Lemper 0.0

Half Time Score:
Waco (Home Team) 5.0
Tarrant (Visitors) 4.0

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  Jim Hollingsworth, Chief TD  

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BRAZOS Agreement and Rules

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hill College
Student Services Center
Bullock Room (Cafeteria)
112 Lamar Drive
Hillsboro, Texas  76645

  • Brazos is an invitation-only chess tournament (team match)
  • All match players will know their pairings and have about three weeks to study and prepare
  • Two Teams on 14 boards (if filled in time):
    • Tarrant Chess Team - Consisting of qualified chess players living in
      • Tarrant County
    • Waco Chess Team - Consisting of qualified chess players living in
      • Bell County
      • McLennan County
  • Match Date and Time
    • Saturday, 29 October 2016
    • 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Location is in the Bullock Room (Cafeteria and Bookstore, Building 77), Hill College, 112 Lamar Drive, Hillsboro, Texas 76645.

  • Entrance Fee:  $10 cash from each player (including masters)
  • Registration:  8:00 AM to 9:30 AM
  • Team Photos:  9:30 AM to 9:45 AM
  • Verify Pairings:  9:45 AM to 10:00 AM

  • Format:  Two game match with same opponent (like RRSO)
    • Round One:  10:00 AM
    • Round Two:  2:00 PM
    • Time Control:  Game/60 with 30 second increment (no delay).
  • Colors:
    • Home Team has Black in Round One
    • Visiting Team has White in Round One
    • Colors reverse for Round Two
    • A coin flip will decide the above for BRAZOS
    • For all future BRAZOS matches the Home and Visiting Teams designation will alternate
  • Tiebreaker:  g/10, no time delay and no increment. One board will be selected by lot. Those two players will draw for colors and play one game. If draw, reverse colors, continue until match is decided. The tiebreaker will not be rated.

  • Bring boards, sets and clocks.  None provided

  • Qualified Chess Player - Defined
    • As of the October 2016 USCF Rating Supplement:
      • USCF Membership is current up through 31 October 2016 (no USCF memberships will be sold on site) *
      • Not provisional - USCF Records show the player has more than 26 rated regular games *
      • Birth year is no later than 2003 *
      • Lives in Bell, MeClennan or Tarrant Counties (according to where USCF has player's address) *
        • On a case-by-case basis, the two team captains can agree to add qualified players who live outside Bell, McLennan and Tarrant Counties *
      • Pays $10 entrance fee (cash).

      * The above will be verified before the player is paired

  • Tournament Administration
    • Sponsoring Affiliate is SERIOUS CHESS PLAYERS (A6035657).
    • Chief TD:  Jim Hollingsworth, Local Director (10798922)
    • Tarrant Chess Team Captain is Adam Hart
    • Waco Chess Team Captain is John De Vries
    • This is a USCF rated event.  USCF Rule Book, 6th Edition, is in effect.
    • A copy of all scoresheets must be turned into the Chief TD.  Any player refusing to do this will forfeit their match game and will not be invited to BRAZOS II.  Round 2 will not start until all Round 1 score sheets are submitted.  Players wishing to use a Monroi or personal scorebook must coordinate with the Chief TD so this requirement is met.
    • All Brazos games will be displayed on this website for the enjoyment, education and improvement of all.  Also, an article with games will be presented to Texas Knights for publication.
    • Anyone not eligible or scheduled to play in the match section, with a valid USCF membership, may play in a separate section that does not affect the outcome of the primary team match.  Entrance fee will be the same as for everyone else ($10).
    • We have no budget for a janitor.  We request all participants pitch in during set up and clean up.
    • Brunch and Lunch are available for purchase in the Student Cafeteria.  Please bring about $15 if you plan on eating both meals.  We are told there is a problem giving change, so please bring plenty of smaller bills and change.
    • All participants are invited to the annual Victory Dinner after the match.  Details will be added to this website shortly.
  • Recruiting is a joint effort by Adam Hart and John De Vries.  Players are invited one-by-one based on established ratings, age and current USCF membership.  Both team captains must agree on each pairing.  The intent is to create a fun evenly-paired match all will enjoy.

  • If you have been contacted and invited to Brazos by Adam Hart or John De Vries, please know the Organizers sincerely believe you have a lot of positives valued in any chess player.  If invited, please confirm you will attend quickly so we don't have to continue our search.

  • If you are interested in playing in Brazos and haven't been contacted, please contact us without delay.
    • By email:
      • Tarrant Chess Team: (Adam Hart).

      • Waco Chess Team: (John De Vries).

      • Chief TD: (Jim Hollingsworth).

Please check this website often for BRAZOS updates.



"Sometimes you just have to take the bull by the tail and face the situation."
Frank Kim Berry (1945-2016)